Production & Streaming

Remote Production

With nearly two decades’ experience providing production services, Camcast have been early adopters of remote production processes.

Our specialised approach includes the provision of fully remote-controlled, turnkey-ready equipment to our clients.

With our resources centralised, we are able to support multiple, geographically diverse concurrent events. This approach allows us to provide competitively priced production services that avoid Covid-19 risks entirely.

Content Delivery & Syndication

At Camcast, we are experts in transcoding your content to optimize routing, resolution and quality for every connected social network and IPTV provider, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, 映 客, Waipu and Magenta.

We use leading content delivery networks like Akamai and Fastly. The CDN implementation for your event will be adapted to ensure stable playback, optimised for your audience size and viewer countries.

In addition, we offer Peer5 and other peer-to-peer streaming services to minimise data traffic and ensure a lag-free experience if you have a large number of viewers sharing the same internet connection within your organisation.

Player Customisation

At Camcast we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke web players that match your organisation’s branding and web presence.

We offer multi-view options, automated subtitle creation and multi-language streams.

We can provide real-time object detection to allow your audience to interact with your video content and become co-creators.

Low Latency

As a founding member of the SRT Alliance, Camcast is partnering with Haivision to deliver industry-leading latency of below 200ms for events where real-time transmission over the public internet is mission-critical.

If your global event requires interactivity, our HLS/WebRTC-based streaming processes guarantee stable, high-end user experiences world-wide with under 3 seconds’ latency.

Satellite Downlink

For satellite-based content sources, we retain our own Berlin-based downlink facility. With our robotic dish we are able to connect to any satellite in line of sight.

Satellite transmission enables you to utilise our comprehensive streaming services if your event is recorded at a location with poor or no internet connectivity.