Private Conferences

Our bespoke conferencing solutions utilise strong encryption to ensure complete privacy and full GDPR compliance.

With facilities for multiple remote speakers, moderation, presentation spaces, virtual break-out rooms and collaborative tools, our online platform fully replicates the rich experience of an in-person event.

For interested parties unable to attend, we offer video-on-demand facilities to consume the event at their convenience.

Launch Events

Camcast’s Silver Screen platform is the ideal place to host the launch event your product, TV programme or feature film.

Our unique DRM tools ensure that nothing can be shared outside your intended audience, and our viewer management tools allow you to set access restrictions to a level that suits you.

Q&A facilities can be customised to be public or moderated, and after your event you will receive a full conversation log to dig deeper into your attendees’ questions and comments.

Concerts and Shows

Camcast’s Guestlist platform is perfect for your concert or show.

Integration with an industry-leading ticket sales platform means monetising your event is easy, and our powerful access controls and DRM ensure that only legitimate viewers are able to enjoy your content.

If required, we are able to offer VOD access for your audience after your event.