Complex Workflows

Our expertise is in designing, building and maintaining bespoke and complex streaming and broadcasting workflows.

From fully automated streaming solutions to robotic remote production setups, our advice will help you solve the most complex production challenges you grapple with today.

Event Planning

We offer support for all  aspects of event planning and production, from choosing the best technologies and platforms for your needs to equipment requirements, technical team sizes and compositions, as well as health concerns like Covid-19 testing.

We help with briefing your online speakers and contributors, technical checklists and optimised video/audio conditions, and can conduct test calls ourselves to ensure that call-ins look and sound great, and happen hitch-free.

We can connect you with our trusted recording and on-site production partners for your studio events.

If you want to concentrate on content and marketing, we offer turnkey event solutions: we assemble a team and take care of all technical planning and setup, production and broadcasting.

Content Syndication

Attracting a large audience for your online content can be a challenge. Camcast are experts in optimising visibility and maximising eyeballs on your content. We will help you with identifying and negotiating the best partnerships with websites and social media pages.

Our social media expertise will ensure you attain the right audience and maintain its short- and long-term engagement.

User-generated Content

Many organisations have found that allowing your users to be part of the content creation process deepens their engagement and maximises value.

We can show you how and where to best integrate user participation, and how make user content as useful as possible to both your organisation and its visitors.